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Our dream is that every school in Indonesia will have at least one computer with internet access


Our flagship program, Computer for Schools provide computers, printers, internet access, and software to elementary and middle schools across Indonesia. The program has benefited four elementary schools in the Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta Province 


Indonesia has improved its education system in the past decade, but computers are still a luxury in many schools.  Only about 21% of junior high schools and 37% of high schools in Indonesia had computer facilities in 2010.  Elementary schools had even less access to computers.  In comparison, in 2009, 97% of teachers in the United States had access to one or more computers.  And 93% of the computers located in classrooms in the US had Internet access every day.  The ratio of students to computers in US classrooms is 5.3 to 1.


IDF hopes that Computers for Schools Program will also be complimentary to SchoolNet/Jardiknas program by Ministry of Education through 'Rumah Belajar'. With computers and internet available at schools, schools will be able enjoy and take benefits from Rumah Belajar.


To learn more about the program or for partnership opportunities, contact


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