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Empowering school children with computers, farmers with trees, and many more at CID 3!

Today at the 3rd Congress on Indonesian Diaspora (CID), we announced that we are donating a total of $22,200 to four programs helping Indonesian children and farmers. We fundraised this year through the Houston Indonesian Charity Night as well as a matching grant from Microsoft and Indonesia Satu, the Indonesian Community in the SF Bay Area. We couldn't have done it without you!

Under the Computer for Schools program, we are sending 15 computers to five elementary schools in Aceh and Sabang. The grant is worth around Rp 121 million (approx. USD 9,300). The five schools, which will receive three computers each, include SDN I Peukan Bada, SDN Kandang Cut, SDN Lamgeue, SDN Lamsayeun, and SDN 25 Sabang, NAD. They are located in the districts of Aceh Besar and Sabang. Previously, our Computer for Schools program have helped four schools in the Gunung Kidul district in Central Java. Under our partnership with Yayasan Nurani Dunia, we are donating 2,000 tree seedlings directly to farmers in Purwakarta. A total donation of $3,500 to Yayasan Nurani Dunia ​includes trees, fertilizer, and maintenance until harvest time. This donation will directly impact about 100 farmers in the rural Purwakarta area.

Indonesia Satu contributed a one-time donation of $5,000 to rebuild an elementary school in Sintang, West Kalimantan near the Malaysian border.

Lastly, IDF pledged to donate $4,400 over a year for the construction and maintenance of microlibraries in the city of Bandung.

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